Sunday, 29 April 2012

Summer Time

Tis the season for big girls all over to begin stressing over summer clothes, bathing suits, beach outings, pool parties, last years’ summer clothes not fitting etc. There is something terribly stressful about the oncoming of summer for some people. That sweater you hid under all winter cannot be worn in 30 degree weather. It’s a time when you can’t get away with the usual tricks made convenient by the cooler weather. The loss of being able to conceal yourself. It can send some people into panic mode and into a crash diet regime to get rid of that winter bulge. I think every big girl out there has tried a fad/crash diet. Unfortunately the lesson has not been learned that when you do that, 99% of the time you gain it back, plus some extra friends. I am not going to start giving advice on diets, as I do not plan on dieting any time soon. I am just going to say that yes summer is a season where we are a bit more exposed than usual. My advice to you is to try to love yourself and your assets. Draw on what you find appealing about yourself. If you cannot think of anything, ask a friend what your best features are. I’m sure you have at least one or two! Take what you like about yourself and make that your feature, if it’s your chest, then accentuate your chest (while keeping it tasteful). I never used to like myself and always covered up in the summer. One summer I wore cardigans every day to cover myself up. Summer was torture that year. The only person who can make you feel better about yourself is you. Do not fish for compliments or rely on others to give you feedback. You have to do it yourself. You need to see that you aren’t as bad as you think, you are beautiful in your own way. The more you see it, the more you believe it, the more it will emanate from you. The way you carry yourself is a direct correlation on how you feel about yourself. Even if you start today and find something you like about yourself, it’s a small but good start. Maybe it’s your lips, eyes, legs etc. Just use it as a building block and keep going. Don’t let summer get to you, conquer it and have a good time, rather than always hiding yourself away. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012


I would first like to state that at no time are leggings to be considered pants, nor are they to replace proper attire worn on the bottom half of your body. Leggings are great, they are dark and stretch so who wouldn’t love them. However, they are no substitute for the real thing. When one wears leggings, please wear a top long enough to cover your bum/thighs. This goes for women of any shape or size. Even if you do look fantastic, it’s just much more tasteful to cover your ass. Also when purchasing leggings, please ensure that they are not see-thru when they are on your body. If you can see flesh through them, then you get back to the rack and grab a bigger size. I plan on writing about black clothing shortly, which will touch on black not always hiding everything. So keep that in mind. Just because those leggings are black it does not mean that any of your “troubles” are invisible. Dimples and “wobblies” are still visible. I don’t want this to be a negative rant, but it’s sad when I see a beautiful thick madam wearing leggings with a top that is just a touch too short. Had it been about 5 inches longer she would have looked like a knock out.

Moral of the story, you rock those leggings, but please be tasteful about it!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Size appropriate clothing

People need to understand that they are who they are whatever size that may be. If you have recently added a few extra “friends” you may need to re-evaluate your wardrobe. Wearing your size 11 jeans when you are now a size 15+ is not okay. You may think you can still fit into them, but the view from over here says you cannot. Muffin top is not only delicious, but it is extremely unflattering. Even on our skinny ladies of the world, muffin top is not okay. For those of you who do not know what muffin top is, I will explain. It is when you have packed yourself into a pair of pants that are too small for you and some pudge is spilling out over the top, thus creating the silhouette of a muffin top. Buy your pants so that they fit you, going a size bigger can make you look a size smaller. I am not saying buy baggy pants, just pants that fit. Another issue with smaller clothing especially with pants is having your legs look like sausages. They are squeezed into pants and every time you walk you look terrified you’re going to tear right out of them. Seeing a girl waddling in tight pants just because she is afraid of a higher number and what that will mean to her self esteem and confidence is just disheartening. Find out what size fits you most comfortably and try not to wear pants that are not your proper size just because you can squeeze into them. I get it, we have all been there where we do whatever we can to hold on to what used to be. It’s a human trait to hang on to things when we shouldn’t (unfortunately this is not a blog for ex boyfriends, another day perhaps). I find embracing who you are a much more effective way of moving on. It’s hard letting go, but please put down the jeans that just don’t fit anymore. You will feel much better once you wear clothes you aren’t afraid to tear in half and fit you properly.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Essential Start Point

The Tank Top

I felt this was the best place to start because to me, it is the most vital part. This is an essential to any big girls life, and to any girl’s life in general. Keeping with the theme we will stick to the thick madams. It's not really all that appealing when us ladies don't look somewhat put together, or all jiggly in a tight shirt. If you simply invest in a good or a few good tank tops it almost solves the issue. Your instructions are not to buy a tank top that will sausage you in, but will simply smooth out the lines. It just holds everything in place so that a shirt will fit nicely on top without hugging every single unflattering lump or bump. You want to enhance your beauty not show off the parts that we would likely not want shown off. Tank tops just help this out, not too tight or too loose and its perfect for under EVERY single shirt. It will help everyone out whether you are wearing a tee-shirt or a sexy little bar number. You can find good tank tops almost anywhere. I usually buy a size smaller than my regular shirt size, so it is more fitted. I have a variety of colours, so I never have to worry about matching. I also have different styles, like the lacy ones, or a couple of strapless ones. I truly feel so much better when I have a little tank top underneath whatever I am wearing. Please go and buy one now!! It really is an essential.


First I would like to say I am not here to dictate that my way is the right way. I am simply passing on some knowledge that I have accrued over the years of being a BG (big girl). My goal is to hopefully empower anyone who is willing to feel as good as you can, just as you are. I am tired of only ever reading about how we need to try to look smaller all the time, sure there are some of those tips coming, but it's not always about that. It's about owning who you are and going with it. Being yourself and feeling beautiful. Us veteran thick madams or new editions to this elite club need to stop looking at the label on clothes and always trying to go for that smaller number. Accept who you are, and learn to embrace it. If you are a size 15, 20, 30, whatever you wear, don’t let it deter you from thinking you can still be beautiful. All you need to do is embrace who you are and work it the best way you can. Just because you are bigger, does not mean you are some hideous monster who needs to be locked away in a cage. You are still beautiful and big girls all over need to realize this. Self esteem in big girls is definitely lacking and what I am trying to do is help you get back to being a strong woman and loving yourself. I am in no way trying to encourage an unhealthy lifestyle, just promoting self worth and confidence. I would love to hear any tips anyone would like me to share, I am always looking to learn and expand my knowledge. 

Big girls represent xo